Tutorials – ASSETS MANAGE AND UPDATING [Dolphin App Template]

Since XCode is a smart IDE, arrange assets with it is never panic things, check the short tutorial video first:

[1]Manage File with Group First, you drag the image to left sidebar in XCode. XCode will pop up a panel for you to check with some options, to the simple purpose, you need to choose options as below:

For Copy items into destination group’s folder (if needed), this option will copy your image file into the XCode project folder. By selecting this option, it will give project a lot benifits on portability, so most of the time, this option is recommanded to be selected.

Create groups for any added folds, this option use XCode’s inner group to organize files, while instead of the physics path. Use such solution is especially benfit for easy usage purpose. Just remember, no need to use image’s path, just use image’s name when you do configuration with the XML, no matter where you have put the image in XCode Organizer.

Then, you can try to edit the XML, replace some image tag’s src name or some thumbnail image name with the added image. Note, just as we have metioned, no matter where you have put your image in XCode organizer, what you needed in the XML is the image name only, no package path needed. This is to the purpose for simple usage, we will add package path support in later version.

After you have modified XML, build the project, you will see the result. If there is no change after you have modified XML, try to select Product->Clean in XCODE to refresh the project, build again, you will see the changes.

[2]Modify UI with your own

For those who want to modify UI(social buttons, play/pause button, etc.), ui images are located in “uiimages” in XCode category, you can delete the original ui image you want to replaced with first, and then drag your own ui image with the same name.

[3]Manage File with Physics Path And if  you want to use your  assets with physics path, it’s also easy, just select “Create folder references for any added folders” option when you drag your assets package in.        

The real physics path will have a different package color in XCode navigation panel:            

Use assets in physics path is just easy as use any relative path with assets:                             <src>img_folder/dolphin_preview.jpg</src>                                                                               <src>video_folder/video_2.mp4</src>                                                                                          <bg_snd_link>audio_folder/bg_2.mp3</bg_snd_link>

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