Tutorials – XML EDITING and Server Side XML[Dolphin App Template]

Edit XML in XCdoe is never panic things, with Dolphin App Template, the xml file is located in Dolphin->Supporting Files->xmls, shows as below:

And you could try to edit some tag’s propery, for example:

Set <status_bar_hidden> with value 0 will show the system toolbar with iPhone/iPad.

Set <align> with value v will make App work only with Portrait View.

Set <single_page_zoom_min> and <single_page_zoom_max> will change the zoom scale value limitation.

You could adjust more arguments and see flexibility with Dolphin App Template, we will discover more, keep on.

For those who have no experience with XML, here is some cool rescoures for your to start:



Server Side XML
If you want to host your xml on your server side, you need to change the loaded xml path, which is set in DolphinViewController.m

Check these two images for you to do xml path modification:

A) The default xml path loading, which load config_photo.xml from server.

B) Load server side xml, attention you need to comment the previous local xml load code with two “/” symbol, like below:
//[mediaBook initBook:@"config_photo.xml"];

And also, remove  // in the following two lines:

[[UIApplication sharedApplication] setStatusBarHidden:YES];
If you want to hide iphone/ipad system status bar, use YES, otherwise, use NO.

[mediaBook initBook:@"http://handymood.com/dolphin/demo_web_xml_load/config_photo.xml"];
You could use your own server side xml path here.

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