[Tutorials]How to submit app to iTunes Store

Before you read tutorials on how to submit app to iTunes Store, it’s strongly recommend that you have successfully test your app on real device, since that step covers lots of concepts like certification, provision file. If you have not successfully test app on real device, read here

Submitting app to iTunes Store could simply be described as uploading a file(.ipa) and its information to iTunes Store. What’s the most complex part is that you should embedded your distribution file into your ipa. Since you have successfully test you app on real device, this step should not be painful here.

1. Add your App Id (http://developer.apple.com -> ios provision portal)

An App Id is a unique code which for itunes store to distinguish your app from others, it looks like this:



If you have successfully create the app id, it should look like this:

In your project plist, you will find the place for the id, that is the “bundle identifier”, just assign it with exactly what you have successfully created in developer profile page.

2 Distribution Provision File

Ok, next big thing is that you should prepare the “Distribution Provision File”, if you have successfully test app on real device, you should be familiar with “Development Provision File”, so now, what you need to prepare is something like “Distribution  File” for itunes store to sell your app with unique legal information.

After you have successfully install distribution provision file on you mac, you could has the “iPhone Distribution” option in XCode, select that option, click Product->Archive for generating the ipa file with your Distribution Provision File information.


Now things goes quite easy now, that is  fill up your app information in itunes connect and upload your app to itunes store (using application loader)

For using App Uploader, please refer this tutorial: http://tinyurl.com/3bkaszr

After your app has been uploaded to itunes store, itunes store will check its binary status, if there is some binary error while uploading, you should upload the app again.

If everything is fine, your app status will be “Wait for Review”, and after 1 week for reviewing, if there no issue with the content (not too simple contents or have copyrights issue …), it will be lived in iTunes Store!

We can say that uploading app to itunes store is not a easy task, you may need 1-2 hours to work it out for the first time. But no doubt that iTunes Store is quite good place to shining your branding&products, maybe even make your rich:) Thus all your effects is really worth. We are waiting to see your app live in iTunes Store, good luck!

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