Category/Album Function

Category/Album function release the power for multiple galleries/slideshows.

Watch demo video here:

Using category/album is just as easy as with some lines of xml setting:

a) The album xml

The album’s xml is not mixed up with each gallery/slideshow’s xml, it’s an individual xml, the tag is easy to be understood, quite self-explaining:


<!–album unit layout setting for ipad–>

<!–album icon unit width&height–>
<!–the gap width and height between album icon image–>
<!–the offset x, y with top-left corner–>
<!–the white border size for the image icon–>
<!–the font size for the album title–>


<!–album unit layout setting for iphone–>



<!–each album’s setting:icon, slideshow xml path(web path supported), title–>

<album_name><![CDATA[default demo]]></album_name>
<album_name><![CDATA[multiple layer demo]]></album_name>
<album_name><![CDATA[web demo]]></album_name>

The category page will auto adjust the album icon’s position (both for portrait&landscape view), no need the setting for the column and row number.

b) Link with album xml

For the xml setting with each slideshow/gallery, there is <album> tag in global setting:

<!–the album path(web path supported)–>

This means for each slideshow/gallery, they can link with same or different album in a flexible way.

If you no need the album function, just leave it blank, like this:

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